District_13_Logo_-_TRANSPARENT.gifTHESSALON HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY    OHA_loogo_green_trans_300_copy.jpg

36 Frances Street, Box 604, Thessalon, ON  P0R 1L0

               Flower: Red Geranium              


Horticultural Meetings are held on the last Monday of the month from March to May and from
September to November at  Zion United Church (lower level), 224 Main Street, Thessalon, at 7 pm.


2017 Board of Directors:

        President  -  Leigh Dauphin   ljdauphin@sympatico.ca  
                                                      705-842-2140 (home) 705-987-3609 (cell)
                                                      36 Frances Street, Box 604, Thessalon, ON  P0R 1L0
                                                      (All correspondence should be sent to the above address.)

        Vice Pres. -  Aldene Strand   705-842-0798 (home)

        Secretary  -  Nancy Peters    nancypeters207@gmail.com    
                                                      705-842-3743 (home)

         Directors  -   Ruby Conway, Bernice Loughran,  Patsy Wardell, Joan Dauphin, Kim Hamilton 



Thessalon Horticulture continues to work with Thessalon Town council and maintenance crew to beatify the town. The big project taken on by the town and supported by the horticulture group was a community garden on the Main Street. Kim Hamilton, a member and town councillor, made the community garden a reality. Our group was active in the community preparing, planting, and helping maintain 46 large planters around the town. In addition, five large flower beds were planted and maintained throughout the year. We held a plant sale with plants donated by members in June. We encourage members to split their perennials to keep their plants healthy. We got involved with the Car Show on Community Day weekend. We talked flowers with the community and gave out cupcakes with coffee and tea. We helped support the Cenotaph flower bed and the Cancer Society bed. We got a start on 2017 by planting 'Canada 150' tulips in all the beds to add spring colour.                                          

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