Lake George Horticultural Society

Flower:    Pansy
Year Founded:  1976
Membership:   40

Location:   Echo Bay
Meetings held at the Echo Bay Community Hall,
257 Church Street

Our Constitution




District Number:


Floral emblem:


Founding date:


Society Mailing Address:

219 Pumpkin Point Rd. W.
Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



Verna Lapish, President






219 Pumpkin Point Rd. W.
Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0


Kathy Bruce




388 Church Street
Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0


Suzanne Humphreys




31 Hurley Street
Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0

Name of incoming
VPs, Directors.




President, Verna Lapish

219 Pumpkin Point Rd. W. Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



Secretary,Kathy Bruce

388 Church Street, Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



Treasurer, Suzanne Humphries

31 Hurley Street, Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



1st Vice Pres. Jean Robbins

60 The Drive, PO Box 43, Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



2nd Vice Pres. June McDonald




Membership, Maxine Brocklebank

104 Lake George Rd. W. Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



Director - Bert Hill

146 Pioneer Rd, Echo Bay,ON P0S 1C0



Director - Leone Orr

319 Maple Leaf Rd, Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



Director - Ruby Vaughan




Director - Keith McLean




Director - Maxine Brockelbank




Director - Eunice King




Director - Ross Hurley




Director - Denise Watson




Director - Harry Lapish

219 Pumpkin Point Rd. W. Echo Bay, ON P0S 1C0



Director - Myra MacDonald




Goodwill Convenor - Beth Kellett





Lake George - No meetings were planned for January and February due to uncertainty of weather conditions. In March, some of our members attended the Seedy Saturday event in Sault Ste. Marie. We applied for and received a $200.00 grant for Tree Planting from the OHA Memorial Tree Fund. These grants are given to the first 25 eligible Horticultural Societies that are in good standing. In April, Heddys Stevenson was our guest speaker. She also had a video of how they Reclaim Land in Mozambique, Africa, by building “Sand Dams” to have water for irrigation and drinking. The Villagers build a concrete dam in the dry season. When the floods come flowing over the dam this helps to trap the water in the sand. Later the Villagers can dig down into the sand behind the dam and use the water to irrigate their gardens. The water is purified by the sand and is safe to drink. We can learn a lot by what these resourceful people in far off lands do to survive. In May, we had our container planting in at the Flower Kart; very educational, and a few new members joined our Society. In June, we purchased 100 of the Canada 150 celebration tulips; several of our members purchased the bulbs. We chose the red and white bulbs. In July, the Adcock Garden Tour & Tea put on by the St. Joseph Island Horticultural Society, was the planned event, but only a couple of our members attended due to the heavy rain. Our big event this year was our 40th Anniversary Celebration in August. It was a free event to all, with 57 people attending. Our usual luncheon was served, with a special Anniversary Cake, enjoyed by all.100 of the red and white tulip bulbs were donated. Taylor Wright presented a slide show in September, on “Invasive Species plants” that can be found locally. This lady gave a great presentation, and knew her topic well, answering a lot of questions. Anne Cranston, of Bruce Station Hort. Society, updated us on the planning for the new “Seedy Saturday at CASS” on March 11, 2017. All four Societies will be involved, Lake George, St. Joseph Island, Bruce Station and Thessalon. A $75.00 startup donation is requested. On October 11th, our 40th Anniversary Red Maple tree was planted on the Sportsplex property on Bay Street. This will provide shade in the future for spectators at the new soccer field. We updated our Constitution in November, and agreed on the new slate of Officers; also had a fun silent auction of fall items that members brought to the meeting. Our December potluck supper and Installation of Officers finished off the year.