December 2016 Newsletter                                 

Flower:  Trout Lily
Year Founded: 2006
Membership: 67 
Location: St. Antoinne School, Noelville, Ontario

We have our meetings on the second Sunday of the month from September to May at St Antoine School, 28 St Antoine Street, Noelville.

2016 Events (Watch this space for more details):

April              10th Anniversary Celebrations (no idea what we are doing yet)

June              Perennials Sale

August         Garden Tour of Alban

November   Elections

French River Horticultural Society 2016 Board:

President:                              Colette Bureau

1st Vice President                 Donna Butson

2nd Vice President                Margaret Adam

Secretary                               Angela Williams

Treasurer                               Fran Ireland

Directors:                               Rose Heddle, Ellen Primeau, Lorraine Rocheleau, Mary Sim,

                                                  Judy Buchanan, Laurette Paquet

Looking back at 2015 ...

The French River Horticultural Society had a successful year. We were able to fund four different community beautification projects. These included the building of raised gardens and the planting of perennials and shrubs. As well, four families were awarded ‘Curb Appeal Awards” in recognition of the time and effort they put into their front yard gardens. Our members regularly volunteer to plant and maintain gardens throughout the community. A monthly newsletter is distributed to educate and to inform members. We attended many local functions to promote our society and to entice new members.

Contact Information: 
Colette Bureau  705-898-2905
Donna Butson   705-857-0993