Espanola Horticultural Society


Founded: 1949

Floral emblem: Gladiolus

Society Mailing Address: 447 St. Joseph St., Espanola, ON  P5E 1M3


Looking back to 2016 and ahead to 2017 ...

The Society continues to improve our Triangle Park project. We re-planted the beds
in the pergola and we hope to expand it next year. The town has asked the Society
to help with the eight concrete planters downtown, and to take over the large bed
between the Complex and the library. We initiated an award to be presented to a
local business, which through plant material, improves our community. This year,
the award went the Pinewood Motor Inn . We had our second annual looney auction
at our AGM in November ($170 in half an hour). We have been asked by the Clear Lake
Conservancy to help develop, improve, and work on the Clear Lake Project.


2017 Board of Directors


Grant Lewis and Keitha Kozachanko

Grant Lewis

705 865 3005

Box 5075 Espanola,ON   P5E 1S1

Keitha Kozachanko

447 St. Joseph St., Espanola, ON   P5E 1M3

705 583 2128


Sheila Pope

705 285 4364

Box 117, WhitefishFalls, ON   P5E1B4 



Joanne Edwards

705 869 1514

296 Watson St., Espanola, ON   P5E1B5


Dan Glofecheshkie,  Helen Noonan,  Ruth Steedman,  Joanne Edwards,   Dianne Ellis,
Jocelyne Sobeski, 
Ginny Soderman,  Doris Carnochan,   Rita Pepin