Elliot Lake Horticultural Society                     Floral Emblem - Crab apple

                                                      'Dedicated to Helping with Community Beautification' 
Established in 1986 
Meetings are held at Masonic Heritage Hall on Spruce Avenue (across from the Centennial Arena)every fourth Wednesday of each of the following months: January to June, September to November at 7:00 p m. 

The August 27th Flower/Vegetable show was quite successful and we welcomed out of town and many others that attended. Local Artists and crafts people also held an event in the outdoor area in front of the Civic Center on the same day. Our Society continue to plant and maintain Westview Park gardens, St. Joseph General Hospital Gardens, Civic Center Gardens, and the Atrium which is located in the White Mountain Building. These gardens are a year round commitment and we are now going into the 5th year tending to them. In the fall we planted special tulips in two of the gardens to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday in 2017. Looking forward to having them bloom in the spring. Among other interesting presentations at the meetings, one of our members who is a botanist did a presentation about the area wildflowers with many samples to show. It was enjoyed by everyone. Our Society continues to be "Dedicated to Helping with Community Beautification".



Margaret Vivyurka, President

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3 Mario Place
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Mary Herron 

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5 Oak Hill Road
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Allaurien Cousins

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Mary Barnes, Dir

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Betty Trakas Dir

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