Campbell Horticultural Society

     Our Constitution, 2017

Founding Date:  April 13th, 1928                 Society Emblem:  Wood Lily

Meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at the Spring Bay Hall.


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2016 Highlights included a Garden Picnic at the home of Christine Marsh in July; our Fall Supper in October; and our Christmas Potluck in December. At our Flower Show in August, with the Theme "Manitoulin Rocks", we had 21 exhibitors and 246 entries. programs included Judith Jones, speaking on Phragmites, Grant Lewis, speaking on Principles of Design, Penny Palonen sharing Convention Flower Show pictures, Mary White, speaking on Vegetable Growing, and Mary White and Bev Webster showing us how to Prepare for the Flower Show. In May, we had a successful Rose Workshop by Dale Lovering, with society members throughout District 13 joining us.


Campbell Horticultural Society
Board of Directors for 2017:

President:  Carol Lang

President Phone:


President Email:

President Address:

182 Lake Wolsey Rd
Evansville, ON P0P 1E0


Penny Palonen

Secretary Phone:


Secretary Email:

Secretary Address:

16530 Hwy 540 RR #1
Evansville, ON P0P 1E0


Mary White

Treasurer Phone:


Treasurer Email:

Treasurer Address:

391C Sand Road, RR #1
Providence Bay, ON P0P 1T0

Dorothy Sloss, Director

Marie Sloss, Director

Collette Perrier-Hare, Director

Barbara Orr, Director

Marion Newton, Director

Sally Blackburn-Sloss, Director

Don Skrumeda, Director

Laura Scott, Director



Most Points went to Penny Palonen 70, Terry Thompson 53, Marion Newton 44, and Dorothy Sloss 40.

President’s Choice went to Penny Palonen for ‘Monument Rocks’

Judge’s Choice went to Seija Bailey for ‘Rockville Road’

People’s Choice went to Carol Lang for ‘Rock Man’

Youth Best of Show was tied by Claire Lubenkov and Camilla Finlay for ‘My Favourite Rock’.

Best Dahlia                                                Camilla Yahnke

Best Gladioli                                              Wilda Campbell

Best Potted Tuberous Begonia                  Wilda Campbell

Best Lily                                                     Darlene Lewis

Best in Category ‘Any Other Variety’         Terry Thompson

Best Perennial                                           Terry Thompson

Best Rose                                                  Bernice Lewis

Best Geranium                                          Terry Thompson

Best African Violet                                     Wilda Campbell

Best House Plant                                      Marie Kirk

Best Outdoor Potted Plant                        Marie Kirk

Best Annual                                               Bernice Lewis

Best Vegetable                                          Penny Palonen