Blind River Horticultural Society

Flower: Yellow Marigold
Established 1929

Meetings:  Blind River Marina Meeting Room or Lounge



Keith Lendrum, President

President Phone:


President Email:

President Address:

P.O. Box 207 16 Michigan Avenue
Blind River, ON P0R 1B0


Marie Kirchmeir

Secretary Phone:


Secretary Email:

Secretary Address:

21 Queen Ave P.O.Box 1164
Blind River, ON P0R 1B0


Wolf Kirchmeir

Treasurer Phone:


Treasurer Email:

Treasurer Address:

21 Queen Ave P.O. Box 1164
Blind River, ON P0R 1B0


Mary Hallett

Box 1377 Blind River P0R 1B0

705 356 7725



Veva Ambeault

Box 1215 Blind River P0R 1B0

705 356 7336


Lakshmi Wickramasinghe

Box 491 Iron Bridge P0R 1H0

705 843 0858


Keith Fergusom

Box 301 Blind River P0R 1B0

705 576 2136



Again in 2016 our Society purchased and planted bedding plants in flower boxes and beds around Blind River. We used our stored our Canna rhizomes in flower boxes and beds. The Town staff watered and fertilized the beds. The Town did not give the Society a Grant for the cost of flowers but they do give the Society meeting room space and free space for the Flower/Vegetable Show.



Blind River Horticultural Society
PO Box 1525
Blind River, ON
P0R 1B0

Adults - $6/yr, Juniors (12 and under) - $2/yr. Members are entitled to vote and exhibit at the Flower Show.