First meeting - 1955          60th ANNIVERSARY - 2015 

Society emblem—THE HAWBERRY 

Meetings held first Wednesday of each month at the Knox United Church Hall,
Napier St., Manitowaning

LIfetime-Membership-Isla-Ll.jpg Lifetime-Membership-Louise-.jpg  Lifetime-Membership-Norma-H.jpg

Pictured above, from left to right, District 13 Director Christine Marsh presents Lifetime Memberships to Isla, Louise, and Norma.


List all of the VPs and Directors serving in 2018.
Name of incoming
VP's, Directors.
Address, City, Postal Code. Phone Number 
(ie. 999-999-9999)
Co President, Ida May Mervyn P.O. Box 162 Manitowaning ON P0P 1N0 705-859-2028 immerv@amtelecom.net
Co-President, Freda Bond P.O. Box 183 Manitowaning ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3416 hugmogg@amtelecom.net
1st VP Denise Villeneuve RR #1 Manitowaning ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3421 freda@assiginackinfo@amtelecom.net
2nd VP Lisa Hallert Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-1487 hallert@townofnemi.on.ca
Secretary Brenda Newman 15 LeCourt St. Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-2112 bebop1954@yahoo.ca
Treasurer Hugh Moggy P.O. Box 115, Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3416 hugmogg@amtelecom.net
Margery Holmes, Dir Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-1225  
Bill Tofflemire, Dir 50 NiGokanmiikan, Little Current, ON P0P 1K0 705-368-0974  
Norma Moggy Box 73 Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3593  
Al Morka RR#1, , Manitowaning ON P0P 1N0 705-589-2548  
Sandra Pope 34 Napier Street, Manitowaning ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3013  
Jacqueline Bryant Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-2337  
Maimie Sim, Dir RR #2, Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3394  
Susan Holmes Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-1850  
Joyce White, Dir PO Box 08, Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3426  
Jane Tilston Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859-3192  
Ila Lloyd. Dir PO Box 323, Manitowaning, ON P0P 1N0 705-859--2125  
Pauline Tofflemire 50 NlGokanmikan, Little Current, ON P0P 1K0 705-368-0974